LIght blue

A whole new repertoire with works composed over the past 5 years and works dedicated to the duo. A light and airy program, full of light

Light Blue (Letters on the Table - Intermezzo - Omar) * Giorgio MIRTO


Sonate Rêve (Rêve exalté - Rêve mélancolique - Rêve heureux - Rêve fou) * Mathias DUPLESSY


Strings of Silence - Asgeir AAROEN


Episodics * Nathan KOLOSKO


Sérénade * Nicolas Meunier


Strings of Silence * Asgeir Aarøen


Canticum Maris * Armand Coeck

Another Place

At a time when national identity is often swallowed up into an increasingly globalized world, some composers use art to keep their heritage alive, while others heed the sirens' calls and drift to distant and exotic worlds. The Edenwood Duo's Another Place programme reflects this ambivalence through pieces that blend composers' roots with rhythms and melodies from elsewhere. Since music has the incredible power to transport the listener into another space, Another Place will sometimes be another place, sometimes another culture, another time or a spiritual experience.

(Check out the Another Place trailer here)


Cantus * Ester MÄGI


Suite n°1 (Preludio - Histerico - Romantico - Tango) * Raffaele BELLAFRONTE


Meditation * Michel LYSIGHT


Luminance (Empty, with stillness - With anticipation - With longing and sorrow - Sly, cunning - Stoic, powerful) * Nathan KOLOSKO


Presto * Mathias DUPLESSY


Spiel * Erkki-Sven TÜÜR


Soledad * Armand COECK


A program with finesse and emotions around the theme of Love. From maternal love to devouring passion, let yourself be enchanted by this tailor-made repertoire for the Edenwood duo, through original pieces but also some arrangements that will not leave you indifferent.

(Check out the video trailer of the Romantico program here)

Ceres * Armand COECK


L’Istesso TempoNikita KOSHKIN


Suite for cello and guitar (Entrada - Tarantella - Intermezzo - Cantilena - Burlesque) * Alan CHARLTON


La Vida Breve * Manuel de FALLA


Cantilena, from Bacchianas n.5 * Heitor VILLA-LOBOS


Je te VeuxErik SATIE


Sonata for guitar and cello (Allegretto comodo - Adagio - Con Spirito) * Radamès GNATTALI


Agua e Vinho * Egberto GISMONTI