cloud and mirrors - alan charlton


Edenwood duo, Brussels Chamber Choir, April Federick, William Vann

Works by Alan Charlton


Et'Cetera Records

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Edenwood duo   Another Place


Edenwood duo

Catherine Struys * guitar & Wouter Vercruysse * cello

Works by N. Kolosko, M. Duplessy, E-S. Tüür, M. Lysight, E. Mägi, R. Bellafronte,

A. Coeck




Discover the video-trailer 'Another Place'

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The GCM Project


Renata Kambarova * flute

Wouter Vercruysse * cello

Catherine Struys & Benoît Ducène * guitars


Works by N. Koshkin, A. Piazzolla, B. Gaquere, A. Ourkouzounov, E. Gismonti...



Discover the video-trailer 'The GCM Project'

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Duo Escala Amasia


Catherine Struys * guitar

Stéphane Parent * cello


Works by E. Granados, A. Piazzolla, R. Gnattali, M. Burton, I. Albeniz...

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In the press:

Guitar Classique number 74 (september - november 2016) - Pascal Proust!

Catherine Struys   Saudade


Catherine Struys * solo guitar


Works by J. Morel, A. Ruiz-Pipo, M.M. Ponce, A. Barrios M., F. Sor...

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Cloud and Mirrors: 20€

Another Place: 20€

The GCM Project: 20€

Amasia: 15€

Saudade: 15€


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Shipping costs (Europe): 1CD = 3€


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Nom du produit

20.0 EUR

Nom du produit

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